Window cleaning service

For more than 18 years, we have offered a complete professional window cleaning service.

We have more than 15,000 interviews to our credit.

Our competitive prices and the quality of our work satisfy our 2000 loyal customers each year.

Condo, apartment or RPA.

For windows, glass doors, glass balconies and mirrors.

Interior and exterior washing.

Vacuuming and cleaning frames.

Washing mosquito nets.

 2 hour time slot

Price calculator


Our highly trained technicians have a real attention to detail. Punctual and respectful, they listen to the customer. Our years of experience ensure us a spotless course.


Thanks to a precise working technique, each step is optimized and no detail is set aside. From the covers to the protective covers, the work is done quickly, well done.


The equipment used is clean and always well maintained. The technician in uniform knows how to take care of your furniture, walls and floor. The service is without a trace and will make your life shine.


The importance of customer service is the foundation of our company's success. We work with people of heart who know how to make the experience enjoyable from the beginning to the end.

Price calculator

Glass with crank

0 9,00 $

A window panel opening outwards with a crank.

Glass with handle

0 9,00 $

A glass panel opening inwards with a handle.

Fixed glass

0 3.5 $

A pane of glass that does not open.

Sliding window 4 glass panels

0 21,00 $

4 panes of windows and a mosquito net

Sliding window 2 glass panels

0 16,00 $

2 panes of windows and a mosquito net

Sliding window 3 glass panels

0 19,00 $

3 panes of windows and a mosquito net

Sliding window 6 glass panels

0 30,00 $

6 glass panels and two mosquito nets

Simple patio door

0 20,00 $

2 panes of windows and a mosquito net

Double patio door

0 28,00 $

4 panes of windows and a mosquito net

Fixed glass door

0 7,00 $

A fixed window and the door.

Sliding glass door

0 14,00 $

2 glass panels, mosquito net and door

Glass balcony

* price per panel

0 3,50 $

Window panel

Indicate the number of windows and doors of each model to calculate the price of an interview.

0 $

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